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Watercolour, gouache + acrylic on paper


Paper size: 112cm H x 88cm W  |  Approx. framed size: 116cm H x 102cm W

One-of-a-kind original

Framed in raw oak float frame with perspex

Says Isabelle of the work: “The title Altær is a play on the words “alter” and “altar”.

To “alter” is to manipulate, edit and abstract. The artwork references two main recurring themes in my body of work; the imperfection of perception and memory, and the manipulation of the female form and identity, physically and digitally. The work was initially developed through digital collage, using image manipulations to distort, abstract and layer images to become almost unrecognisable and then further abstracted through the process of painting. This process draws parallels to the notion that memories are always being rewritten and that each time we remember we move further from reality.

In the other iteration of the title, the word “altar” refers to a holy place of worship and sacrifice. Interlaced in my work is hints of religious symbology, in particular referencing iconographic religious imagery through the traditional compositional and the centralised hands; a style prominently seen in the art of the Byzantine. It further alludes to place of worship through reference to stained glass windows.

The work explores the similarities between the glorification of icons to the representations of the feminine. Both undergo a process of manipulation to transcend their humanity.”


Signed on front.

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This work will be framed in black woodgrain float frame with perspex.

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