Original Art Gallery




Mixed media (paper, acrylic paint + varnish on wood)


W 25cm x H 25cm x D 3cm


Ready to hang

Mairi tells us about her inspiration for her latest series of works: “These pieces were inspired by my interest in creating and constructing environments and spaces. I also draw influence from photographs, old magazines, online blogs and articles, TV shows, films and books, collecting information from all these sources to create my own places which exist only in my work. The structures within the pieces are simplified to become minimal, geometric suggestions of their original form. There is a lack of human presence within the work – only a suggestion through objects and architecture – which leads to a still and quiet atmosphere.

“The way I create imagery informed by many different sources is also reflected in the materials I use to build my pieces. I love using different types of paper, paint and wood to achieve interesting surfaces and textures. These materials are often collected then travelling, visiting stationery stores wherever I go, or saved from receipts, letters, gift wrap and envelopes. I also enjoy mimicking the materials I see used in architectures and interiors to build up my pieces. Often I will use glossy enamel, cork, silicone and Perspex. Architecture informs both my subject matter and my material choice.”

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Framing + Shipping Information

This piece is on finished board, ready to hang and does not require framing. However, should you wish to frame in a box frame, please Contact Us for framing options.

Shipping is $29 within Australia. Ships from Edinburgh, Scotland. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

International shipping available. Contact Us for a quotation.