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Sarah + Zuma, from Your Memories series



Mixed media (linocut print, ink, ink pen) on archival semi-gloss print

W 50cm x H 50cm


FRAMED in a raw Tasmanian oak frame

Says Diptaa of her Your Memories series: “With my Your Memories series I first go back to the place of someone’s memories to take photographs of what has disappeared. This memory place can be a former address, a childhood playground, a bench, or a table at a restaurant: anything and anywhere as long as it is inhabited by memories. In a second step, these photographs are adorned with drawings, speaking about our ability to fill up what has faded away with new visions and desires.”

Of this pieces she says: “Sarah + Zuma takes place in Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA. It is connected to Sarah L’s childhood memories of this beach, specifically Life Station #6. I wanted Sarah + Zuma to be more structured, geometric, with colours used like screens between the viewer and the ocean itself. These screens function as fences obstructing the access to Sarah’s memory place, keeping its mystery away from us.”

All prints are archival. They are digitalised from original film photographs Diptaa took using a 120mm film camera.

Signed on front.

Framing + Shipping Information

Shipping is $29 within Australia. Ships from Sydney. Delivery estimate is 1 week.

This work is framed in a raw Tasmania oak frame, and ready to hang. We offer a custom framing service – please Contact Us to enquire about alternate framing options.

International shipping available. Contact Us for a quotation.