Original Art Gallery


Mairi Timoney


Mixed media (paper, acrylic + varnish on wood)

W 42cm x H 59cm x D 3cm


Ready to hang

“I wanted Vacant to depict an isolated scene,” says Mairi. “Somewhere between unsettling and peaceful, where there is not a great deal happening but you are aware of the presence of a figure. Whilst certain elements dictate the mood of the work, I think that the overall ambiguity gives the viewer room to imagine what might be happening within the image and the chance to construct their own story.

“I made Vacant and Displaced together. For a long time, I had an idea in my mind of two pieces that would work side by side. The back and white grids were the starting point for these works. From there I made sketches in my notebook of colours that would compliment each other and compositions that would allow the pieces to mirror one another. I kept adding and removing elements until I felt that the images worked and when one piece was drying or I was unsure where to go next I would work on the other and vice versa. When I felt that the surface was complete I thought it was time to start adding more collage elements that would give the piece a sense of place and narrative.”

Signed and titled on front

Framing + Shipping Information

This piece is on finished board, ready to hang and does not require framing. However, should you wish to frame in a box frame, please Contact Us for framing options.

Shipping is $39 within Australia for unframed artwork. Ships from Scotland. Delivery estimate is 2-3 weeks.

International shipping available. Contact Us for a quotation.