Anita Beaney

Anita Beaney


Photographer Anita Beaney shoots the quiet, dignified beauty of nature. Her works offer moments of contemplation and solitude. Old. Eternal. Ever-changing. A safe harbour for the soul. With a Bachelor of Arts Photography (RMIT) and a Bachelor of Arts History and Classic (Hons, University of Melbourne), Anita stays true to her fascination with a time-honoured way of producing art. Digital is not in her language, but instead, using her favourite cameras – the Linhoff 5×4 field camera and the Mamiya c330 twin lens – she captures both the abstract and literal forms of nature. Anita seeks out the complexity of the human form and the simplicity of the natural one.

In her Stillpoint series Anita observes the sea and sky, employing analogue photographic techniques that take on a painterly form once printed, capturing the silent, mesmerising power of her subject. Then on her recent road trip through Joshua Tree National Park in California, USA, she captured the rawness and loneliness of her subject yet the commanding presence of the desert is evident. Printing these works in large scale only increases the power of her imagery.

A freelance portrait and fashion photographer based in Jan Juc, Victoria, Australia, Anita has been twice short-listed for the National Photographic Portrait Prize.

Photo: Bobbi Fabian