Art Consultancy


We value accessibility, diversity and collaboration to create an engaging dynamic between art and design.

Our consultants work with all design styles and budgets in private homes, gardens, work spaces, small and large-scale commercial and residential developments, the public realm, and retail and hospitality environments to create a connection between the art, the environment and the people who move within these spaces.

Our affordable and friendly art advisory and consultancy service is available to individual art enthusiasts, private residential and commercial clients as well as architects, developers, interior designers and stylists for one-off works, new collections or entire space consultations.

Art Consultancy


Start to finish bespoke service

We CONSULT, ADVISE, SOURCE, PROCURE, COMMISSION, SHIP and INSTALL all art for projects big and small. We make the process personalised, so that every space is individual and every project runs seamlessly – from start to finish.

Creative optionality

WE GIVE YOU CREATIVE OPTIONS and arm you with up-to-date information. Whether it’s an up-and-coming emerging artist or an established hard-to-find artwork that your space is craving, we’ll make sure your space is like no one else’s.

Passionate involvement

WE TAKE OUR ART AND ARTISTS VERY SERIOUSLY. Passionate about making spaces come alive with individual pieces, we listen to your brief and what you are wanting to achieve, and are committed to making your spaces beautiful.

Make a statement

ART IS THE FINAL LAYER IN ANY SPACE. It can set a mood. It can slap you in the face, or beckon you to come closer. It has soul and personality. What do you want to feel?


CALL: SOPHIE VANDER 0400 4774 884 OR CLAIRE FIELD: 0400 962 001

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