Medusa - Barbara Kitallides - Abstract Painting

Barbara Kitallides

Barbara Kitallides - Australian Painter - Abstract Expressionism

Barbara Kitallides is a Melbourne-based painter originally hailing from Paphos, Cyprus.

Barbara’s art practice is an intellectual, philosophical, and emotive observation of life and place in the modern world. Exploring her inner consciousness and how it interacts with her external surroundings. There is a constant push-pull effect of anarchy and control. The end goal is to find balance within the chaos of these two spaces and discover what results.

An ongoing theme within Barbara’s practice is the study of the human condition. Examining our value system as a society and on a personal level. The use of colour is a critical part of her dialogue analysis. Engaging in an unspoken language through a spectrum of colours, form, scale, materials, and physical space. Barbara has exhibited in Australia, Hong Kong, London, Athens.

Her artworks are held in both private and public collections throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America.

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