Darcy McCrae - Paintings From A Great Height - 2022

Darcy McCrae

Darcy McCrae - Australian Painter

Dividing his time between the NSW Northern Rivers and the Gulf of Carpenteria, Darcy McCrae has developed an emotionally raw  artistic practice that explores themes of naïve art, the reinterpretation of classical subject matter and bold mark making.

As a self-taught painter, Darcy has developed his eye for arrangement and colour through immersing himself in art literature along with trial and error. His emotional state often has a major influence on the work he creates, sometimes light sometimes dark, always honest.

He has settled with acrylic paint as his media of choice as it allows him to move quickly as he creates a work, the quick drying paint demands he makes choices and marks in the moment rather than over days and weeks.

Moving between Northern Queensland and the Northern Rivers of NSW has also had taught Darcy the importance of making work on the move whether it be outdoors, on the floor of his home or on scorching hot days working under the verandah.

Darcy has shown works in Sydney, Melbourne and the Byron Bay Shire.


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