Kerrie Oliver

Australian painter Kerrie Oliver recently moved from Saskatchewan, Canada back to Australia. For her art practice, Kerrie draws upon her knowledge of multiple artistic mediums to examine the natural environment.

When Kerrie first relocated to the Canadian Prairies she was immediately taken with the endless plains that blended seamlessly with the winter skies. This pristine landscape covered in luminous white powder was a compelling contrast to the sweltering earth tones of her homeland.

Says Kerrie of her work: ‘My current practice is on paper and it is through the relationship of medium and paper that allows me to create texture, depth and detail. I begin with layers of wash and build from there to create a foundation. From this foundation a more deliberate mark making process begins. Shapes and textures of landscapes are recalled to convey a sense of impermanence, displacement, environmental connection and beauty. In my work I seek fragments of the landscape and draw on memory that eludes to an intimacy that evokes a quiet sense of solitude.’

Kerrie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from COFA, University of New South Wales. Her work has been shown in Korea, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

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