Natalie Rosin - Stairwell No 1 - Ceramic Sculpture

Natalie Rosin

Cassie Hansen is a Victorian-based ceramicist, creating mid-fire and stoneware vessels and sculptures that combine wheel-thrown and hand-built elements. Her work is inspired by the simplified forms and linear qualities of architecture and the built environment, as well as the shadows and compositions captured in architectural photography.

As the editor of design magazine Artichoke, Cassie draws on a decade of experience writing about, editing and looking critically at design, architecture and interiors. She began ceramics in 2016, and in 2018 spent a year learning from renowned ceramicists Neville French and Kate Jones at Shane Kent’s Melbourne-based ceramics school, the School of Clay and Art (SoCA).

In 2019 she set up her home studio in Kyneton and since then has been developing her practice, creating a library of her own glazes, as well as clays and techniques.

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