Scott McNeil - Ceramic Sculpture

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil is a Melbourne-based sculptor who works exclusively with a clay medium; creating organic sculpture; modelling freestanding figures in low relief.

His figures are generally formed in fine stoneware clay, sometimes embellished with a dark patina after firing. The immediacy and raw complexity of the media has become enduringly attractive, both a departure and a continuation of earlier ideas explored on canvas.

Scott says of his work: ‘The clay body has a beautifully simplified palate, and the process allows for fast and uncomplicated paths into a creative flow. I feel the clay to be a highly suggestive body that brings about, through physical, conceptual and spontaneous negotiations, an animated, and structurally cohesive form.

“The works presented are all single figures. Seemingly, the terms of figuration and abstraction are constantly being negotiated. The intention is for the figure to operate as an enigma.

“In approaching the work from different vantages I intend it to maintain an atmosphere of fluidity, improvisation and excitement where each work occupies at the time of its making its own dominance, forging its separate existence and revealing its will.”

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