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Susan Chen

Susan Chen

- Australian Ceramic Sculptor - Sydney

Susan Chen is an Australian ceramic artist, working out of her home studio in Sydney’s Inner West. Her work explores the intersection of art, design and craft, currently focusing on the use of digital technology in the ceramic art making process. Susan is interested in the changing narrative and perception of traditional ceramic making techniques, and how they can be applied in a contemporary context.

Influenced by architectural models and historical artefacts, which represent and communicate a moment in time, Susan is drawn to the notion of the ‘display’. Human culture is analysed, dissected and translated into these scaled utopias and remnants of an ideal that for a moment can inspire creativity, longing, thoughtfulness and hope. Susan’s work highlights the significance of the object in the ephemeral nature of the digital world.

With a background in both Visual Arts and Design, she holds a Master of Fine Arts (Ceramics) from the Sydney College of the Arts and a Bachelor of Design (Industrial) from the University of Technology, Sydney. Susan has a respect and appreciation for traditional ceramic practices, but at the same time, is intrigued by the potential of new technologies such as 3D printing, which she incorporates into her current art practice. There is a tension in her work between the old and the new, analogue and the digital, and the artist often finds her work lands somewhere in the middle.