Colleen DaRosa

Colleen DaRosa

Colleen-DaRosa-bio-picColleen DaRosa lives in the picturesque hills of northern New South Wales, Australia, just outside Byron Bay. Colleen’s practice is a study in the contemplation on the essence of light, and her works are intended to offer the viewer a more palpable experience of light at play.

Her current Slow series investigates the subtle glow of refracted and reflected colour – an illusion of slowing down the speed of light. Colour is visible as a reflection and diffusion and no actual paint is seen, though a subtle glow appears around the edges and through the cut paper depending on the angel from which it is viewed. Like light itself, Colleen’s work changes before your eyes.

“When I use strong pigments the effect if often an illusion of an internal light source,” says the artist. “I also use ‘slow’ to refer to the hand-cut, meditative construction using fine quality media (a link to the ‘slow art’ movement). I use form and space to capture, transform and screen light so that works are best experienced as gradual encounters with the variations in ambient light of each piece.”

Colleen spent time in Scandinavia during several northern summers, which has ignited her passion for the powerful yet transient and transforming qualities of light. She explains: “The motifs and architectonic devices I enlist echo the way in which the glow of light and natural forms seep into the fabric of Nordic design and architecture.”

Colleen received a Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) from Southern Cross University. Artists, designers and architects in neo-minimalist and modernist genres continue to have great influence on Colleen’s work.

Photo: Anne Graham