Diptaa Sloniir

Diptaa Sloniir

Diptaa-Sloniir-Bio-PicDiptaa Sloniir is a French artist who grew up in Touraine, in the idyllic Loire Valley. She studied at the Fine Art School of Avignon, and completed her Masters in Conservation and Painting Restoration there in 2005. Her Masters thesis was on Vandalism of Contemporary Artworks. For this she spent three months as an intern as the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and fell so in love with the city she did not return to France, and instead stayed and worked as a freelance art conservator.

When fate would take her to San Francisco in 2010, she seized the opportunity to begin creating her own artworks. But her formal training would continue to play a major role. The scientific connection to the idea of passing of time – history, physics, archaeology and biological breakdowns – informs the technical aspect of her creative process and exposes a sensitivity to materials.

A trip to New York sparked the Your Memories series after going after a friend’s memories of the city and it inspired her fascination with separation and disappearance. An individual’s story of a moment, a constructed memory and solitary experience that engages the viewer even as the photo work is distorted through the addition of dreamy, organic lines and shapes in pen and ink, and cutouts that break the surface. Diptaa enjoys this process as she lets intuition guide her without any certainty of the outcome.

Her artist’s name is an anagram of la disparition in French. It means ‘the disappearance/the vanishing’. She choose ‘Diptaa Sloniir’ when she realised her work was profoundly affected by the concepts of disappearance and the absence to come. ‘I decided to use a pseudonym to enter a new space in which I could feel totally free,’ says Diptaa. ‘I also wanted to have a name that could not refer to any clear country or culture. This name gives me strength, some sort of roughness and intransigence when it comes to my art.’

Diptaa’s love of travel now takes her and her family to Stockholm from where we’ll see her next body of work produced.

Photo: Daniel Dent


Artist DIPTAA SLONIIR is one of those beautiful souls who manages to get inside the head and hearts of her subjects. Her travels across the globe (she is originally from France, now in the US, and on her way to Sweden) have influenced her latest body of......