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Joel Veness

Joel Veness

Joel Veness - Digital Artist - Heads Series

Joel Veness is a Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist. Heads and profiles have been at the centre of Joel’s creative expression. Joel’s mother was an art teacher and encouraged Joel to draw at an early age, and she immediately noticed his talent and skill. His work has always been related to time (through the layers of colours) and space (positive and negative space).

After finishing school, Joel studied at The National Art School in Sydney, majoring in painting. In 1998 Joel left Art School and began working as an Art Director, designing underground magazines for Fashion Week and numerous photo shoots. He also began making music and experimenting with early digital art at this time.

In the early 2000’s Joel worked as a painter but was frustrated by the slow nature and drying time of painting. Later he experimented with Wacom tablets but found them unnatural to use. He also began to create heads using Photoshop and cutting images out of magazines. In 2007 Joel purchased a large format Canon IPF700 Printer and begun creating large format digital prints from scanned handmade collaged drawings.

Frustrated by the laborious nature of creating this type of work, all Joel’s dreams came true with the invention of the pen for iPad, something Steve Jobs refused to create.

‘‘The iPad changed my artistic life because it gave me the ability to have a whole studio in my hands. It meant I could draw at any scale and create multiple-coloured layers at high resolutions. I didn’t need scanners anymore, or to use drum scanning machines for large works.

It takes time to get used to drawing on a screen, but I can take that studio with me anywhere, and create multiple works and save them to an external hard drive. Gone is the need for paints, brushes, and canvas.

I can now use my formal training, and years of experience to create images that use the latest technology.”

He has most recently been specializing in Murals and Digital Artworks. He has also begun experimenting with Video Art, and working with Synthesisers, and drum machines, as well as sculptures. In 2020 Joel completed a large scale Mural titled “Renegades of Funk.” The mural is positioned down the road from where Joel grew up, in Paddington.

Joel currently lives and works at the iconic Woolloomooloo Wharf in Sydney.

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