Kaitlin Johnson

Kaitlin Johnson

Kaitlin Johnson - bio pic

Kaitlin Johnson is a Canadian visual artist based in Oakville, Ontario. Her artistic practice focuses on teasing out the beauty and raw emotion of what inspires her. Kaitlin’s latest series draws on the rhythms and unique combinations of colour gathered throughout travels in Africa, India, Australia and Indonesia.


Says Kaitlin of her work: “Each piece begins with a single image, made up of shapes, colours and energy and I hastily try to capture it on canvas whilst it remains vivid in my mind. Once the first layer is complete, I abandon the original idea and focus on what the work calls for next.”


Kaitlin collects images of flowers, landscapes and patterns which, together, combine as points of inspiration. She then creates works that abstract these forms, combining washes of colour with thick strokes, intricate patterns and spatial balance resulting in paintings that dance with shape and colour.


After completing her BA in Visual Arts from The University of Western Ontario, Kaitlin obtained her art teaching degree from the University of Wollongong in NSW, Australia.