Laura Patterson

Laura Patterson

Laura Patterson - Australian Artist

Laura Patterson’s practice is informed by her background in architecture and her continued investigation of visual art as a means of synthesising multiple layers of meaning into a single object.

Interested in shifting scale, historical significance, composition and technical precision, her artwork is intended to be understood across different modes of viewing, from the compositional scale of far away, to the minute precise details appreciated at close range.

Laura’s current body of work, Pteridomania, emerged as a response to the 2019/2020 Australian bushfires. As whole ecosystems burn, will the landscapes we once previously enjoyed so freely become rare and unusual? Could the pockets of remaining natural splendour take on a coveted and prized status? Would these pristine specimens of our fertile past become walled in and caged off, protected from disease and pests for posterity? This possible elevation of select elements of the natural environment presents an intriguing mirroring of the fern craze (Pteridomania) of the Victorian era.

With their purpose-designed grottos, cathedral-like glasshouses and intricate portable Wardian Case’s the Victorians successfully transposed what was once a simple and quietly beautiful fern into something that was protected, cultivated and elevated to cult like status.

The duality of this series presents moments of our natural landscapes, housed within elaborate framing devices. Rather than select specimens being taken from their ecosystem and cultivated within manmade glasshouses, these landscapes and frames exist symbiotically. The frame touches on the historical link between these landscapes and the architecture that was created to house and transport them, while the landscapes can be enjoyed in their natural state – unedited and undisturbed.

Laura has a Bachelor of Architectural Design and a Masters of Architecture from University of Queensland. Since graduating in 2014, Laura worked across both fields of visual art and architecture simultaneously, until mid 2018 when she committed to working full time on her art practice.

Laura works from her home studio in Brisbane, Australia.