Maricor / Maricar


maricor-maricar-bio-picMaricor Maricar, aka fraternal twins Maricor and Maricar Manalo, is a twin sized studio based in Sydney. Born in 1983 they’ve been joined at the hip ever since (metaphorically that is!). They studied together through primary, high school and finally at the University of Technology Sydney where they graduated with a bachelor’s degree in visual communication.

The task of crafting an embroidered animated video clip introduced them to the world of needlework. Afterwards they continued to embroider as a hobby and it was a misheard lyric sewn for fun that was the catalyst for combining their love of lettering and embroidery. Since then their embroidered tactile graphics have exhibited in Australia and internationally. Both keen gardeners, the girls also find inspiration in music and the colour that surrounds them.

Photo: Anne Graham