Monique Lovering

Monique Lovering

Monique Lovering - Abstract Painter - Australia

Monique Lovering is British born painter based in Bondi, NSW.

Her works are inspired by her emotional responses to daily experience. After obtaining a B.A. in Fine Arts at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Monique then worked as an art director in London for many years. After becoming enamoured by painting and art history, she set up a small studio in Palermo, Sicily where she honed her craft.

Monique is interested in the latent time in painting, layering her work over differing lengths of time until such point that the painting can go no further and is completed. Her work is left in incubation for months and then she will reflect on pieces and responds to the surface of the work. Sensations partner perception and it is this language that forms a conversation with the viewer.

By abstracting the work’s subject, she allows for a more personal and emotional audience interpretation. In revisiting her connection to nature, emotions merge with the sensory world reminding her of the deep connection to the natural environment.

Monique holds an advanced diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy.