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Eucalyptus Leaf Drop (Double Smoke Fired)


Mid fire porcelain clay, terra sigillata, copper rod + tube

165cm H x 25cm W

One-of-a-kind  |  Custom length drops available to order


The eucalyptus-inspired Leaf Drops represent the beauty in the Australian landscape. Eucalypts have become a special interest to Odette Ireland and they have had a significant influence on her work.

The pieces are hand-built using a combination of slabbing techniques from a mixture of raku, stoneware and porcelain clays. A terra sigillata slip is applied to some of the pieces and then saggar-fired with sawdust and wood shavings. The results vary from matte and satin blacks to glossy silver metallics.

The Leaf Drops contrast with the rigid verticals of the Counterbalance sculptures and serve to unite her body of work, creating calmness and balance.

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