Mirada Larga


AUD $ 480

Materials: Hama beads, pink seed beads, white glass seed beads, hemp, cotton, wire, paper

H 40cm x W 38cm



Mirada Larga literally translates from the Spanish as ‘long stare,” explains Paula. “A lingering look or, in this case, meaning long-sightedness. This work is about staying focussed on longer term goals.”


Paula do Prado’s Hybrid Forms series references a combination of forms; feminine and masculine reproductive organs, animals (owls, octopi, jellyfish) and ceremonial African masks. Eyes are a recurring symbolic motif as windows to the soul, seeing and not seeing and simultaneously looking towards the past and future. Each work in the series is highly individual and a one-off piece.


The intensive handmade process blends traditional and non-traditional textile techniques and materials. Form, colour, texture and a ‘making do’ aesthetic reflect the artist’s Afro-Uruguayan heritage.  Hybrid Forms are talisman-like objects that attempt to connect to the spiritual through the power of transformation.

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