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More Than This I Can’t Explain


Oil on polyester


241.5cm H x 191.5cm W


Framed in raw Tasmanian Oak

Says Susie Dureau of her work More Than This I Can’t Explain: “The year 2020 has been the most extraordinary year. We were blindsided by the tiniest of organisms – a virus. The pandemic environment that we are now living in has refocused our attention on the significance of the world outside our human systems. This painting is my response to Covid-19. It is an investigation of my shared materiality with the non-human world.

“Thinking about a direct link between our bodies and the landscape is the way into my ecological mind. The understanding that we are just a step in the sequence of nature allows me to eradicate the notion that I am different / special / deserving of privilege over non-human parts of the network. Covid-19 has been a stark reminder of the power of a microbe to undermine human systems. While I believe our own species to be extraordinary in many ways, the separation of humans from nature is an illusion.

“The painting evolves in a balance between spontaneous gesture and carefully considered judgements – my previous landscape work offers a way to navigate the shapes and indeed there is a kind of plotting and mapping that occurs within the work. The landscape is familiar yet unrecognisable. It might be the contour of a coastline or a land mass seen from above, the map of a path through the bush or the outline of an organism. In fact, the shapes are taken from negative spaces in previous paintings. The way these paintings come about is through a process of recycling, remaking, adapting. Human and non-human bodies weigh in on each other, measuring and affecting the next thing. The paintings speak to an interweaving of human construction and the flow of a complex network of non-human actors.”

The landscape thinks itself in me, and I am its consciousness Cezanne

Signed on the back.


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Framed in raw Tasmanian oak frame.

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