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Observation #8


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Oil on board

Approx 32cm x 32cm


Framed, ready to hang

Antonia Mrljak’s Observation series sees the artist take everyday objects and create deceivingly simple abstractions of oil on board. What appear to be random brushstrokes actually have defined and purposeful points of beginning and end.


‘Memory is associated with things we collect, objects are part of our history representing time and change in our lives,’ says Antonia. ‘This series was painted from observing shadows cast from these objects at different times day and under different light. The figurative and abstracted elements of the works form a visual language that expresses the desire to claim a space and a level of authenticity that is only available when spoken non-verbally.


‘The culture of the way we are all living, means that we take and use what we wish and discard what we have no need for, however there is then a yearning to belong to, and be connected to the past and greater consciousness. My approach is a struggle of integrating heritage and past, and moving with present culture. It is a conflict of traditional identity and modernisation of cultural paradigms.’


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This piece is framed and ready to hang.