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Colleen DaRosa

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Acrylic paint on hand-cut Dutch etching paper, framed in an acrylic box

W 115cm x H 79cm x D 5.5cm


Framed in an acrylic box, ready to hang

Raada (2016) is part of Colleen DaRosa’s Slow Light series. Each work is created by hand-cutting and layering high quality papers that allow light to register in space, form and surface. One detects the glow of colour and no direct paint can be seen. It is only through reflection, refraction or diffusion that colour is manifest. Viewed front-on the layers all but disappear, leaving the subtle glow of a neon X. From any other angle, however, the layers and intensity of colour are evident.


“The authority of this work lies in the dynamic changes experienced as points of perception vary,” says Colleen. “The dominant enticement can be the architectonic force of geometry, the interplay of luminous colour, the self-emitting glow of form or the allure of sensuous line. The colour and form for Raada takes inspiration from my travels to Scandinavia where I have been immersed in the minimal power of Nordic design and architecture.”


Signed and dated on back.


PLEASE NOTE: Some images have been taken without the acrylic box in order to prevent reflection.



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