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Ryan + Katrina, from Your Memories series


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Mixed media (ink pen, ink, peeled-off upper layer) on archival matte print

W 25cm x H 25cm


FRAMED in a raw Tasmanian oak frame

Says Diptaa of her Your Memories series: “With my Your Memories series I first go back to the place of someone’s memories to take photographs of what has disappeared. This memory place can be a former address, a childhood playground, a bench, or a table at a restaurant: anything and anywhere as long as it is inhabited by memories. In a second step, these photographs are adorned with drawings, speaking about our ability to fill up what has faded away with new visions and desires.”


Of this piece she explains: “For once I did not collect this memory directly from someone but through research on New Orleans. I had read Ryan’s words about Le Bon Temps Roulez as his memory of going back to the early, post-Katrina days. This place was the mark of New Orleans coming back to itself after the storm when he ‘discovered this bar packed with people that came to listen music’. I layered my photograph with a slightly damaged yet candy-like touch (combining peel-offs to mesmerising pink ink). I wanted to add a sweet, surreal and fiery taste to a place that had welcomed such a strong desire for survival and resilience.”


All prints are archival. They are digitalised from original film photographs Diptaa took using a 120mm film camera.


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