What the Eye Cannot See


AUD $ 6,500

Acrylic on linen

H 200cm x W 200cm x D 5cm


Unframed, but ready to hang.

Says Jasmine Mansbridge of her work What the Eye Cannot See: “Inspired by all that is unseen; the things we feel but have no physical evidence of, the mysteries, the coincidences. The layers of life. Fate, destiny, choice. This painting is one examining all these mysteries.


“How I approach the process of painting is very much influenced by the ethos and tone of my time in the Northern Territory and the way that I saw the Indigenous artists work. Making art and family life are not usually separated one from the other, but instead paintings are done amongst the chaos of family and everyday life.


“I am also in awe of the time that goes into the details of the work, and it was by watching Indigenous artists that I began to understand that paintings often take a long time. I believe it is this time spent with the work that infuses it with the artist’s intentions. The work therefore has more than just a visual aspect to it, but also the creative heart of the artist. When I paint, I imagine that the warmth that comes from 1000 paintbrush strokes will travel always with my work, wherever it hangs.”


Signed, dated and titled on back




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