Shannon Rankin


shannon-rankin-bio-picShannon Rankin lives in the beautiful mountains of Rangeley, Maine, USA. With a Bachelor of Fine Art from Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, Shannon began her creative career in San Francisco working in graphic design. When an innate desire to get off the computer and work with her hands, she returned to Maine, to work as a pattern cutter for a fashion designer. It was here that the cutting, folding, layering, sewing techniques that she uses in her work today were forged.

These forms evolved over time taking inspiration from the human body, Rorschach ink blots, cross sections of plants and geometric patterns. Shannon started experimenting with layering coloured vellum exploring her interest in herbalism and the art of simpling (the use of a single herb to treat an ailment). “I loved the translucency, symmetry and the process of layering which always leads to the discovery of a wide variety of unexpected forms and shapes.” Says Shannon. “I keep cutting, layering and shuffling until they sing. I want to continue to push these forms so that they have the potential for a variety of meanings. Maybe they can be or mean more than one thing simultaneously.”

Shannon is excited to have been accepted into the Roswell Artist in Residence Program in New Mexico where she will be living and working throughout 2016.