Daniel O’Toole

Daniel O'Toole - Multimedia Artist - Melbourne

Daniel O’Toole is a multimedia artist based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Daniel takes inspiration from the Los Angeles ‘Light and Space’ Movement of the 1960s and reframes his works in the context of post-digital contemporary Australia.

Daniel says of his work: “My work embraces the imperfections and low-resolution modes of recording as an aesthetic decision. I make videos of natural phenomena to use as a reference for paintings. These time based works are a conflation of analogue and digital processes.”

Daniel’s paintings are framed behind a semi-transparent screen, to alter perception and re-animate the static image for the audience. His works aim to question the ubiquity of the digital screen, the works emphasise ‘seeing’ as an active engagement rather than a passive receiving.

Daniel studied at National Art School in Sydney and has been a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Art Prize and Calleen Art Award.


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