Ana Young

Ana Young in her studio

Interdisciplinary artist, Ana Young, deeply immerses herself in natural landscapes which allows her to study the relationship between time, memory and silence through her art practice. Having lived all over the world, Ana has found the continual changes of nature to be the most inspiring subjects.

She records and studies the landscape, then returns to her North Sydney studio to explore the possibilities of these captured moments through painting. Through considered brushwork and colour palettes, Ana revisits a singular moment of natural phenomena whether it be rain, or light through trees and the transient change of night to day.

Ana says of her works: “Paintings are a process of addition and attrition, they grow skins, I want to remember the singular reaction to the land, entering the silence and contemplative nature of being in the landscape. the work changes as memory and the physical processes in the studio allow for an independent rhythm and arrival point, both separate and allusive to information gathered from constant observation.”

Ana is a graduate of the National Art School and Australian National University. She was awarded the John Olsen award at NAS and has been selected for the Dobell Drawing Prize, the Blake PrizeMeroogal PrizeTom Bass Sculpture Prize and Mosman Art Prize. She has also been a long time member of the Hill End Artist Precinct.

Artist Portrait by Rhiannon Hopley.

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