Kasper Raglus, Marine, acrylic and oil abstract painting

Kasper Raglus

Kasper Raglus - portrait in his studio - geometric painter

Living and working in Aireys Inlet, Victoria, Kasper Raglus dovetails the intersection of minimalism, geometry and painterly detailing to produce razor-sharp contours and bold, expressive compositions.

Raglus’ style of hard-edge, geometric abstraction is illustrated by moments of kinetic energy that rupture the space surrounding it, brought to life by his striking sense of colour and spatial tension. Form, line and perspective are emblematic of a visual language and formal simplicity that Raglus has developed for over a decade – one that conjures the purest of human emotions, a sense of our internal and external worlds.

Eschewing representational narrative, Raglus’ chromatic planes of unmodulated colour and shape offer contemplative spaces. A long-time resident of Victoria’s Surf Coast, Raglus’ paintings are the essence of his environment in which horizons and vast open spaces are reduced to their most elemental construction; his simplified fields are a means of personal expression driven by notions of romance, human sentiment and shared experience. His hard-edge conventions are lesson in restraint, expressed through a conviction to remove what is not necessary and leave only what is.

Raglus has cultivated his unique brand of geometric abstraction, one that can only be achieved through complete and total dedication to his craft. Although steeped in precision and clarity, Raglus’ impeccably rendered linework is the evidence of his labour, not its absence. His drive for linear formality renders immaculate compositions without denying his painterly instincts, employing a sense of sincerity and warmth that pulls the viewer in and away from the bedlam of life.

Raglus has been exhibiting across Australia and internationally since 2013. He has been a finalist in the 45 Downstairs Emerging Artist Prize (2017), Fishers Ghost Award (2019) and Muswellbrook Art Prize (2020).

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