Belinda Street - Abstract Landscape Painter

Belinda Street

Belinda Street - abstract landscape painter

Belinda Street is an abstract landscape painter based in Newcastle, NSW. Known for her expressive Australian landscapes, Belinda’s work explores the relationship between representation and abstraction and her technique is constantly evolving, redefining her place within contemporary art culture. The artist is interested in the landscape as a remembered feeling, blending literal elements of a particular place with the abstract to evoke the experience of being in the landscape.

“I really love alpine areas, I seem to be drawn to them. They’re always a bit shifting, a bit unstable, a bit like life really. I’ve been going down to Kosciuszko particularly for many many years now, and every time I come back to it, it’s kind of like an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while. Being on top of that mountain, it’s quiet, there’s nothing, but it’s so sensory. I’m interested in that remembered feeling of being in the landscape. An abstract impression that evokes the emotions or sensory experiences that I had when I was in the landscape.”

Belinda Street is the 2019 winner of the Paddington Art Prize, twice winner of the Mosman Youth Art Prize, and has been a finalist in the Gosford Art Prize, Calleen Art Prize, Muswellbrook Art Prize, Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, Fleurieu Food & Wine Art Prize and the Warringah Art Prize. The artist has been awarded a full scholarship to the Julian Ashton Art School, and has attained a degree in Visual Arts at The University of Newcastle, with Honours at UNSW College of Fine Arts.

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