Brett Anthony Moore

Image of Brett Anthony Moore in his studio.

Sydney-based abstract artist, Brett Anthony Moore delves into the realms of colour, unpredictability, and post-modern expression. The subconscious flow of nature and its intertwining rhythms support the undercurrent of Brett’s work in form but it’s this conversation between nature and our place within modernity that becomes the primary focus of his work within Abstraction and more recently figurative abstraction.

In retaining this information, life experiences and a love of the ocean, he can tap into the fluidity it provides. The process of translating this knowledge becomes the playground for the emotional ride of painting, a medium that in turn takes on its own metamorphosis into sculptural forms.

Brett primarily works with acrylics, generating “paint skins” in his studio through a process of exploration and blending a carefully chosen colour palette. These paint skins are then left to dry and undergo natural contraction over approximately a week. Following this, Brett engages with the resulting piece, considering its shape and form, creating his final sculptural work.

Quite often a sense of the spiritual sparks the vitality to pour, spread and render the medium fusing colours and form to settle and dry before each composition. By relinquishing control of any defined outcome both the work and the process become an antenna to a greater knowledge in its abstract form.

“I’ve long had the desire to rid my work of boundaries and let the brushstrokes tell their own story, giving vitality and gestural vigour to any composition. From spreading Vegemite on my parents’ walls aged 2, the act of mark making is deeply primordial…

Throughout any creation, I’m aware of my works own evolution. Some skins are born out of that creative burst yet are not used for months; some are immediately interwoven into a piece. The process of painting itself is inherently passionate and expressed by each resulting skin. Time gets lost, paint gets spilled and that very moment in the studio when the paint hits the surface is all that matters.”

Majoring in painting, Brett graduated from the National Art School in 2021 and has gone on to show at Sydney ContemporaryWaverly Art Prize, The National Emerging Art Prize, Sculptures in the Garden and Gosford Regional Art Prize. Brett has also exhibited in group and solo shows in both Australia and Europe. Having travelled extensively around the world, settling in India, Europe and predominantly the UK for many years, working as a freelance muralist, set designer and illustrator, Brett currently works from his home studio at Caringbah in Sydney’s south.


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