Simon Cardwell, Yellow Cara Lily And Finch, Photograph

Simon Cardwell

Simon Cardwell portrait, Sydney-based photographer

Simon Cardwell is an Adelaide-born, Sydney-based visual artist working in the medium of photography. He uses dramatic images of flowers in landscapes to portray and explore human perceptions, emotions and identity in conditions of both freedom and isolation.

Simon’s work starts within the traditions of photography and branches out to a more manipulated and painterly concept of placement, colour, and design. His candidly surrealist methodology then manipulates beautifully rendered arrangements of botanic art or nature-morte into serene meditations via which we ponder and experience essential stillness, the quietude of primary existence, of simple or simply being, within the solace of the self.

“Symbols, with their weight of human experiences, have long fascinated me. Deciphering their language and bridging the past with our collective consciousness. Metaphor enriches my work, blending the known and unknown, inviting viewers to explore figurative and abstract realms of understanding. My passion for unravelling human mythology drives me to uncover universal truths and motifs that bind us together. Through my art, I narrate ancient allegories and contemporary fables, reminding us of our shared humanity and the eternal quest for meaning.

“The inclusion of botanicals and birds adds a visceral dimension, connecting the earthly with the celestial. Flora symbolises growth and resilience, while birds evoke notions of freedom and transcendence, guiding viewers on introspective journeys. With surreal images, I aim to transcend language and borders, fostering connections and igniting conversations about the intricacies of human existence. In our complex world, my art offers solace and sparks curiosity, urging viewers to delve into their own narratives and engage with the pulse of human mythology.

“Ultimately, my artistic pursuit is a quest for understanding, reaching for the intangible and celebrating creativity’s ability to forge connections across time. I invite you to embark on an enchanting voyage through my surreal depictions, where reality and imagination entwine in dreams and revelations.”

Simon studied Visual Art in Adelaide at the University of Adelaide and the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in the Nederlands. Since then, he has received international recognition. Simon has been collected by the National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia and many private collections. Awards include Moran Prize official selection, Josephine Ulrick and Win Shubert Photography Award official selection.

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