Georgia Bisley - textile artist - weaving

Georgia Bisley

Georgia Bisley - Textile Artist

Georgia Bisley is a Perth-based textile artist working primarily with repurposed yarns and hand-dyed linen to create her distinctive, large-scale hangings. Her bold, expressive tapestries are produced through extensive tufting and hand-dyeing processes, incorporating colour, pattern and texture to explore themes of identity, culture, media and a brave reckoning with the digital world.

Drawing inspiration from a long lineage of textile art rooted in elite settings – often in the form of highly figurative, delicate homages to the divine. Georgia’s works largely depict fragmented, abstract scenes that elevate the mundane – and where gender has long since underpinned the history of textiles, these works feel distinctly genderless.

At their core, Georgia’s works are an exercise in navigating dichotomies. Panels tufted with oft-impenetrable density are punctuated by moments of transparency and fragility. Natural fibres are rendered in distinctly unnatural hues with inexplicable harmony through her unique command of colour. Through her impulse to contravene all rules, Georgia rallies against the desire for perfection allowing for moments of softness, hardness, inconsistency and ruggedness which are not only present, but celebrated.

Georgia Bisley was a finalist in the prestigious Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award and despite holding her first solo exhibition in 2023, Georgia’s work has become increasingly in demand and is held in collections both nationally and internationally.

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