The Corner of My Sky - Artwork by Theresa Hunt - Australian Artist

Theresa Hunt

Theresa Hunt portrait on her studio

Theresa Hunt is a contemporary oil painter based in Sydney, Australia. Having lived all over the world with her family, Theresa has taken great inspiration from the hills of Tuscany, slopes of Austria, forests of Romania and, now, the beaches and bays of Pittwater in Sydney’s north.

Theresa’s landscapes emerge out of a wash of memories and impressions from her life. This blending of emotions sets unique atmospheres, and from there a landscape begins to form. Every stroke and application of paint breathes expressions that have been stirred by specific moments, like the serene first light at the beach, an imminent storm seen threatening the horizon, or a headland rising out of an oppressive fog. From this sensitive process arrives not only an intensely atmospheric balance of colour and tone, but a powerful swell of deep feeling preserved on canvas.

Theresa has exhibited around Australia and featured in several esteemed art prizes such as The Mosman Art PrizeThe Kings School Art Prize, The Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize,  and Hunter’s Hill Art Prize.


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