Katarina Wells - Paired 15 - Sculpture

Katarina Wells

Katarina Wells

Austrian born Katarina Wells is a ceramic sculptor who lives and works from her studio in Clareville on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

She has been involved with ceramics for almost 20 years, exploring different materials from fine porcelain and paper clay to heavily textured stoneware clays. She is drawn to organic sculptural forms, finding inspiration in the natural bounty that surrounds her.

Most of her pieces ‘grow’ slowly over a period of up to a week, a process that allows her to step back and observe where a piece intends to go. Raw oxides and porcelain slip are used on many of her works, which allows for the tactile surface to remain.

Outside of her practice, Katarina loves spending time exploring the beaches and bushland of the Northern Beaches. She draws inspiration from the forms and textures she finds in the natural environment, the spaces in between organic flora and fauna.


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