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Diana Miller - Australian Abstract Artist

Diana Miller

Diana Miller - abstract artist

Diana Miller’s work speaks to the optimistic nature of a childhood spent running free in the wilds of Southern Africa, of the contrasts she experienced there, and of the good she chose to see. Diana channels her connection to childhood feelings of freedom and joy, of qualities lost and found again over time, as if all the dots come together as each work playfully unfolds.

As an abstract painter and composer of shapes in space, finding the balance between freedom and form is key to the construct of both her inner and outer worlds. There’s a sense of security in the artist’s work, anchored in the foundations of geometry and graphic design then further bolstered by her contemporary studies with The Byron School of Art where she received the Graduate Award in 2018.

Exploring the interplay of shape, colour and form, Diana’s work celebrates the materiality of mediums on hand – acrylic, oil, ink or tactile oddments of wood, paper and cardboard. Her studies are compelled by the deconstruction and reassembling of images to create new visual solutions in the form of collage, drawings and paintings, where expressive brushstrokes lead the eye to land somewhere between organic and geometric forms.

It is from this sense of grounded space that Diana finds the freedom to express the theme of ever-evolving duality in her work.

Diana has shown in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Mullumbimby and Ballina and has been awarded prizes in the c.a.s.e Postcard Show, Little Things Art Prize, The Rotary Art Spectacular and The Lethbridge 10000. A finalist in the Clayton Utz and Omnia Prizes, she has also completed commissioned works for clients in the UK, Sweden and Japan. Diana now paints from her home studio in Bunjalung Country, Byron Bay, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Australian coastline.