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Diana Miller is an abstract artist based in Bundjalung Country, Byron Bay, where she is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Australian coastline. She sees herself as a shapeshifter of colour and form, through which she explores relationships and connections between herself, her work, the spiritual and the viewer. Her eyes are drawn to the spaces between things or the shapes that different forms create, her practice founded in her love and understanding of colour, using visual forms from her imagination, subconscious and daily environment in collage and painting.

Employing a playful approach, Diana starts her paintings with no predetermined outcome, drawing on her instinct and curiosity. Beginning initially on the floor before taking her linens to the wall, Diana works quickly with brushes, cloths and fingers. She is interested in the deconstructing and reassembling of elements in her practice via the layering, covering up and wiping away of paint to achieve her unique style of abstraction. Diana’s paintings combine gestural, textured components with shapes and bold, flat spaces of colour that create depth through their juxtaposition.

Says Diana of her practice, “Abstraction is a curious endeavour and always open to interpretation by the viewer. You can be moved by an abstract work, but not understand why. As the elements are illusive and non-tangible it’s hard to understand or express why you are drawn to it. I love that. Everyone will see something different in a piece I make, and I feel that’s part of my job as an artist.” For Diana, painting provides a sacred space to channel emotion, thoughts, and dreams into tangible form, inviting the viewer to connect and respond in their own unique way.

Diana completed her contemporary art studies at The Byron School of Art where she received the Graduate Award in 2018. She has held 9 solo exhibitions across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as well as the Tweed Regional Gallery in Murwillumbah and has been awarded prizes in the c.a.s.e Postcard Show, Little Things Art Prize, The Rotary Art Spectacular, and The Lethbridge 10000. She has been a finalist in the Clayton Utz, Omnia and BAM Prizes. Diana has completed commissioned pieces for clients in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Japan and collaborated with different Australian brands.


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