Diana Miller - abstract artist

Diana Miller

Diana Miller - abstract artist

Diana Miller is an abstract painter and shape-maker. Her work celebrates the materiality of mediums on hand: whether acrylic, oil, ink or tactile oddments of wood, paper and cardboard. Her studies are compelled by the deconstruction and reassembling of images to create new visual solutions in the form of collage, drawings and assemblages. Tessellating depictions explore the interplay of shape, colour and form, combining graphic compositions with the idiosyncrasies of her chosen mediums.

Painterly compositions appear fractured, with expressive brushstrokes that lead the eye in every direction, landing somewhere between organic and geometric. It is here Diana’s playful visual language comes to the fore, an expression of optimism evident in the artist’s emotional landscape and the fulfilment of her artistic process.

Diana lives and works from her studio on Bundjalung land, Byron Bay. Born in Cape Town, South Africa Diana completed her contemporary art studies at The Byron School of Art in 2018 with the Graduate Award. Diana has held shows in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Melbourne and Sydney and has been awarded prizes in the c.a.s.e Postcard ShowLittle Things Art Prize, The Rotary Art Spectacular and The Lethbridge 10000, and been a finalist in the Clayton Utz Art Prize and Omina Prizes.