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Nunzio Miano is a practising artist working in Melbourne/Naarm. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Monash University in 1998. After spending years working as a designer and art director he decided to return to his original passion, painting. Nunzio has worked on his craft for several decades and has exhibited at commercial galleries across Australia and Italy. He recently completed an oil painting and life drawing course at the Academia d’arte in Florence, Italy. During this time, he participated in an artist residency at Residenzia il Palmerino in the Florentine hills. Nunzio has been a finalist in numerous art prizes including the 2023 National Emerging Art Prize and the Lethbridge Art Prize, and has been selected as a finalist for the Ominia Art Prize in 2022, 2023 and 2024. Nunzio’s work is held in private collections across Europe, Australia and the United States.


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