Kerryn Levy - Onishi Vessel #23.021

Kerryn Levy

Kerryn Levy - Photo by Thomas McCamon

Kerryn Levy is a ceramic artist based in Adelaide, SA. Having studied a bachelor of Visual Arts at University of South Australia (2014) and completed the Associate Training Program at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design (2018), Kerryn continues to practice out of her studio at the JamFactory.

Using traditional hand-building techniques Kerryn makes sculptural vessels reminiscent of human, animal and botanical bodies, that nestle and dance with one another when paired or grouped, their surfaces designed to reflect the colours and textures of the Australian landscape.

Patterns form naturally on the surface of the clay, created by finger marks and traces of the making process, providing a visible representation of the relationship between body and earth. These objects have an inherent connection to the human body that formed them and the landscape whence they came.

Photo: Thomas McCamon

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