Caroline Duffy - Australian Artist - Steel Sculpture

Caroline Duffy

Caroline Duffy

Caroline Duffy is a Sydney-based sculptor who creates collage informed steel and powder-coated sculptures. Originally, Caroline used found paper and corrugated cardboard to make abstract artworks. She began using metal to create sculptural works from cut-offs and found materials foraged for in country scrap yards and steelworks.

As a collage artist using found and recycled materials to make abstract artworks, Caroline’s philosophy is informed by making sculptural forms out of the many types of discarded materials that she comes across almost every day.

Says Caroline of her work: “Nearly all of my sculptures and collages started life as some utilitarian object which was discarded and now has been made into something else.

The shape and patina of the metal suggests the idea for the abstract compositions. The welding process is so immediate that a sculpture can take shape very quickly, almost taking on a life if its own.

Each piece is an individual, and has not grown from any narrative about person or place. The idea is intuitive, the material alone starting the process and igniting my imagination.”

Caroline has been selected for Warringah Art Prize, Northern Beaches Art Prize and Greenway Art Prize in the past. She has exhibited at AM Galley, Crawford Gallery and Lane Cove Gallery.