June 14, 2023 - July 1, 2023    
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Curatorial+Co. Sydney Gallery
Shop G01/02, 80 William St, Woolloomooloo, NSW, 2011
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Curatorial+Co is delighted to present Dream Letter, the third solo exhibition by Katrina O’Brien with the gallery.

Katrina O’Brien’s latest body of work – Dream Letter, acts as a visual soliloquy, interested in the unseen aspects of human psyche and behaviour. Katrina explores these inner monologues in a most intuitive manner that combines text and abstract mark-making on both paper and canvas. With written word and music deeply interwoven into the genesis of her work the collection of paintings and drawings are profoundly sensory – “always escaping the edges”.

“Borne out of a love of text, a love of writing and a love of dreaming, Dream Letter is an idealistic notion of being able to talk to the Muse. For me, the Muse comes in many forms whether it be nature, music, intriguing people, and interactions. I am forever enchanted by the Muse and all the realms they open for me. A good Muse opens the floodgates of words and images where dreams, landscapes, narrative, and poetry flow like a river.

“The title, Dream Letter, was inspired by the album and song by Tim Buckley with the same name. The song itself is not the inspiration, but the notion of writing a song, a painting, or a letter to someone who may never receive it was the fixation… Some of these imagined conversations play a part in my new works.”

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