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A Snow Boot Memoir

Korynn Morrison

Acrylic on panel
143cm H x 203cm W x 5.5cm D
One-of-a-kind original
Framed in dark wood

“If you’re gonna ski Monkey, you’re going to carry your own gear.”

My Poppy Paul would say this every year as we arrived to the snow fields… One of my earliest memories as a tiny 3 year old was having my ski’s put in my arms. I still remember awkwardly navigating each step in my ski boots whilst squinting through my foggy goggles.

The snow always had a way of feeling like home for me. There was, and still is a freedom and invincibility that I feel whilst connecting with the mountain. Even as a tiny toddler I remember the unique spaciousness of the landscape. 

I loved the way the snow wrapped itself like a blanket over mother nature’s structure. Sitting on the ski lift on the way up the mountain, I remember spotting all the animal tracks from above and watching as they formed an artwork across the surface of the snow below.

This excavated landscape is an ode to a lifetime of Snowy Mountain memories.

From a very early age Korynn Morrison understood that colour filled in the blanks for the feelings she couldn’t explain. Still to this day she says that colour is often the starting point to her inspiration.

Says Korynn: “Colour speaks in many volumes and creates a variety of conversations across the surface of a painting. Colour blocking my compositions from the bones up and strategically planning how each colour communicates on top of one another has formed a methodology to bring depth and dimension to my compositions.”

Litre upon litre of paint, each colour building on the last, she forms a history upon the surface of each panel, before finally burying her entire composition beneath a thick final coat. This performative burial phase has become a ritual of Morrison’s practice.

Process is the heartbeat that gives life to Morrison’s work.

Signed on back.

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