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Deep Time, resting under the hot sun (Wadawurrung)

Ingrid Daniell

Synthetic Polymer on Belgian Linen
68cm H x 48cm W x 5cm D
Framed in Tasmanian Oak

Says Ingrid of this her work: “I find context in my painting by using the landscape as a metaphor for our fragile earth, the devastation of climate change in the Anthropocene and our continued human need to belong.

I’m lying under a hot sun, feeling the solar sting penetrate my body… summer comes with harsh dry days which beach-loving souls inhale… The paradox of these halcyon days, idealise and craved while the dry, crisp bush simmers in the hot sun… the violent edge of fire never far; an aching reminder of our warming climate.

Stepping over shadows, treading on the flickering sun’s light, the hot glow of the day, filtered and golden, hopeful in the welcome shelter under the cool shade of nature, memory ideal.

I stare at the night sky and marvel at the Milky Way, our galaxy of infinite suns… washing over our earth, like a blanket wrapping us in the mystery of life. I wonder how our planet exists amidst a sea of distant suns… our earth, our sun, our moon in perfect harmony. I know it’s not unique to dawn this realisation yet it really is something to pause on. The comfort of dreaming amongst the dystopian chaos.”


Signed, dated and titled on back.

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Framed in Tasmanian oak frame.

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