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Dream Letter II (Before, Now and After)

Katrina O’Brien


Oil + acrylic on canvas
115cm H x 94.5cm W
One-of-a-kind original
Framed in black woodgrain

Katrina O’Brien’s, Dream Letter II (Before, Now and After), is part of her solo exhibition, Dream Letter. 

Katrina says of this series: “Borne out of a love of text, a love of writing and a love of dreaming, Dream Letter is an idealistic notion of being able to talk to the Muse. For me, the Muse comes in many forms; whether it be nature, music, intriguing people and interactions. I am forever enchanted by the Muse and all the realms they open up for me. A good Muse opens the floodgates of words and images where dreams, landscapes, narrative and poetry flow like a river.

“When I was younger I would write letters to an unknown person or thing. Within these letters I would muse on the meaning of life and I would recall fascinating observations in nature. I would speak of a love for beauty, for complexity of thought and existential debate. Within each letter contained my love for words themselves—the origin and formation of words were just as curious to me as how language could be structured to make a story, a poem or even a painting. Some of these letters would morph into an idiosyncratic code, indecipherable and yet, made complete sense to me. I would see the world through this lens of enchantment and it is something that I still do to this day.”

Dear Geoffrey,

When I heard your voice it took me to a place I will never forget. Ageless. Ancient. Now. Then. Before and after.

I was lifted out of my body and behold, my eyes saw time play out before me. I felt my way through the ages of times past and times to come. You gave me this great gift. I flew upward, ever upwards, into the heavens; into the great treasury of stars. Oh the beauty! The life! The light. I held the hand of the broken little girl beside me. With each span of ascent she became lighter, a smile beginning to form on her face – from her soul, her soul Geoffrey.

She lifted away from me, now able to fly on her own. Wholly herself. She disappeared into that vast landscape you gifted me.

Tears turned to ashes, turned to snowflakes, turned to stars.

Thank you for your gift so freely given.

With love,

The Woman who nearly turned to stone.

Signed on back.

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Framed in black woodgrain.

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