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Dreaming Awake

Diana Miller

Acrylic on board
83cm H x 79cm W
Framed in Tasmanian oak
Signed on back

This work is part of Diana’s solo exhibition, Dropping In, a collection of abstract works that exist as unfiltered expressions of the Self. They marry Diana’s interest in the non-physical with the physical act of painting—expressions of her subconscious and the process by which she manifests the illusive into the palpable.

Dropping In refers to the state Diana goes into when she paints—a place that many experience during meditation, breathwork or any activity that takes us out of the thinking mind. It’s a place difficult to define, where time and reality shift and where we succumb to a state that takes us beyond the physical, through the act of making.

“When I begin a painting, I have no idea what it will become,” says Diana. “I approach my work with a sense of playfulness and curiosity knowing that it is within the realm of playfulness that the inherent joy of creation can be rediscovered, and imaginations nurtured. I’ve learnt to trust myself and my process, to take the leap of faith to begin each piece, relying on intuition to guide me. I start by creating random loose lines and areas of colour, moving in circles around the canvas, gradually adding more paint in gestural flurries as I respond to the imagery that starts emerging from the surface over time. Sitting with the work and observing it for days or weeks is also part of the process, as some works need to brew, while others resolve more easily.”

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This work is framed in Tasmanian oak.

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