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Diana Miller

Acrylic on board


150cm H x 120cm W


Says Diana of this work: ” Epiphany is a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation. We all have these moments of great clarity. They are especially meaningful when they can help us move through a tricky situation or see things in a new light. Perceived obstacles can become stepping stones and barriers new challenges to help us expand and progress.”


Diana’s practice is tactile, and grounded in the interplay between two and three-dimensional collage and shape-making. It is within the studio walls, surrounded by shapes and bits of painted paper, that unpremeditated forms are imagined and dialogues begin. Through collage, drawing and assemblage, images are created, broken apart and reconstructed; imitating the way in which we sometimes need to break down in order to be put back together again – much like a reassembling of the self. This process is a metaphor for the contradictions and ups and downs of life, whereby paper, wood, metal and paint become vessels for solidifying thoughts and feelings.

Derived mostly from organic and geometric abstractions revolving around themes of contradiction and duality, each discipline informs her final paintings; with numerous unresolved paintings lying beneath finished works. These layers add to the complexity and depth of the surface, much as we too, are constructed of multiple layers of physical flesh, emotion, trauma and memory.


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