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Into the Vortex (Moving Image)

Lilli Waters


Single channel moving image 2 min 45 sec
Edition of 3 + 1 AP

This artwork is part of our Sydney Contemporary 2023 presentation, exhibiting at Carriageworks September 7 -10.

Lilli Waters’ body of work, Pay Attention to the Heavens, is inspired by the iconography of ancient Greek and Roman mythology, its folklore, and its religious paintings, recasting the contemporary woman as a powerful goddess of nature and a portrayal of femininity that we should celebrate, embrace, and worship.

Says Lilli Waters of this work: “This footage was hot in the Tidal River on Yiruk Wamoon, the land of the Boonwurrung, Bunurong and Gunaikurnai people. The river runs into the bay, swells with the tide, and has a fascinating range of colours, purple-yellow and emerald. On this day the rising tide created a singularly enchanting sandy whirlpool I’d never seen here before.

“I had been looking over my fabrics the evening before and had envisioned pieces resembling a moth-like creature, so we stayed up late sewing the fabrics together to create a wrap-around garment with long sleeves, that would appear like wings in the water.

“I watched in awe as she effortlessly floated away, gently turning a full circle with the flow of the whirlpool, so at peace floating on top of this wild river water. For a brief moment, I saw glimpses of Ophelia floating right in front of my eyes, though this didn’t feel tragic, but rather dreamlike and powerful, she was one with the water. I stood staring in amazement at how flawless and serene she was, the fabric we had sewn together worked as perfect wings. It was one of those incredible moments that can’t be planned, and just magically happened.

“These are the moments when photography makes me feel so alive. I see my process as a special collaboration with women and with nature – whatever happens on the other side of the lens is somewhat out of my control, and there can be wildness to it. The magic, mystery, joy, and wonder lie in what happens within that space, and bearing witness to it, regardless of the months of preparation leading up to a photo series. It often feels like a journey of intensive planning and then a forced ‘letting go’ of control in the moment, where photographs often emerge with their own integrity.”


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This artwork is a single channel moving image.

Edition of 3 + 1 AP

Duration: 2 min 45 sec

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