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Painting Concerning Existence

Morgan Stokes


Bleach on stitched linens
113.3 H x 92.4 W x 5.5cm D
Framed in Tasmanian oak
Morgan Stokes Painting Concerning Existence, from the series Skin, is exploring and reinterpreting the medium of painting. Morgan says of this work, “This work is a study into the traditional backdrop of painting, linen. I place a number of linens side by side to draw attention to slight yet significant differences. I explore their physicality by decaying them in bleach. I wanted to use the properties of this fundamental painting element to naturally form a composition..”
Morgan says of this series, “I aim to dissect painting into its discrete elements, such as linen, paint or stretcher bars, to enquire into what makes a painting in the digital age. By creating formal studies into material, I explore what I call the ‘virtual gaze’, that is, how our mode of perception is shifting as our lives are increasingly mediated by the screen. In my show ‘Skin’, I interpret painting as a metaphor for personhood and subsequently surface as a metaphor for skin.”

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Framed in Tasmanian Oak.

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