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Painting Concerning The Past and The Future

Morgan Stokes


Oil on stitched plastic packaging, silk organza
133cm H x 108.3cm W x 5.5cm D
Framed in Tasmanian oak
Morgan Stokes Painting Concerning The Past and The Future, from the series Skin, is exploring and reinterpreting the medium of painting. Morgan says of this work, “For some of my earlier works, I have substituted canvas for silk in order to draw attention to the physical makeup of painting – that is, supporting stretcher bars. For this work I continue this idea but have integrated a definingly modern material, plastic. Layering silk with plastic, I mimic the traditional technique of layering in oil painting. The oil painting component composition is reminiscent of packaging, I want the marks appear accidental and incidental.”
Morgan says of this series, “I aim to dissect painting into its discrete elements, such as linen, paint or stretcher bars, to enquire into what makes a painting in the digital age. By creating formal studies into material, I explore what I call the ‘virtual gaze’, that is, how our mode of perception is shifting as our lives are increasingly mediated by the screen. In my show ‘Skin’, I interpret painting as a metaphor for personhood and subsequently surface as a metaphor for skin.”

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Framed in Tasmanian Oak.

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