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Porcelain Leaf Stem No. 2

Odette Ireland


Porcelain, stainless steel and brass
145cm H X 22cm W x 22cm D | Height to ceiling adjustable
One-of-a-kind original
*Please allow extra room around the piece when installing for maximum kinetic affect*

This work is part of Odette Ireland’s latest body of work, Equilibrium. The collection of work is a dialogue of polarising forces – the masculine and feminine, chaos and control, movement and stillness, strength, and fragility. Through this new body of work, Odette shares her perspective on the world around us through her exceptional craftsmanship and aptitude for materiality on which her art practice sits.

Central to Odette’s practice is the intricate dynamics of family, expressed through the elements of a sculptural landscape. The tree, deconstructed into its basic elements – trunk, leaf and pod – continues to underpin Odette’s conceptual language. Her Totems, grounded and stoic in their intrinsic masculinity, exist in perfect synergy with the Mobiles, feminine in nature and floating gently in equilibrium.

An arrangement of sculptural foliage invites us to experience the precarious, yet invigorating, balance of life as expressed through Odette’s sculptural virtuoso. A landscape reduced to its most primordial form presents a counterpoint to the uncertainty of life and an explanation of what could be a more thoughtful, more peaceful place.

Together, constructed compositions sit in dialogue with each other, forming a series of sculptural works in which their combined effect becomes greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Pictured as pair with Porcelain Leaf Stem No. 1.

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